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Battery production and environmental problems:
Individual production operations and safe handling of aggressive chemicals is necessary for the production of all kinds of different battery types on the market, such as starter, device, traction and special batteries.

KUSTAN offers proven plants and individual components in customised, but above all environmentally sound, solutions for the workflows in battery production. Plastics are ideally suitable and are the preferred construction material.

Experience and customer orientation - our recipe for success:

Based on our many years of experience in the battery sector, KUSTAN is very much in demand as a rec-ognised, competent problem solver in this production branch. Skilled employees provide know-how, opti-mum compliance to customer specification and reliable deliveries, worldwide.
KUSTAN products for battery production at a glance:

- Fully-automatic sulphuric acid mixing plants
- Formation plants for AGM and standard batteries
- Acid cleaning plants
- Gel mixing plants
- Formation exhaust air plants
- Formation troughs
- Components for redox flow batteries

If you would like more detailed information on our products and services for battery production, write to us or simply give us a call.